best practices
Strategies that can Revitalize Cities and Arrest Sprawl

Land-Use Planning and Zoning

Urban Growth Boundaries

Elimination of Subsidies that Fuel Sprawl

Downtown Revitalization

Historic Preservation

Brownfields Reclamation and Land Recycling

Financial and Regulatory Incentives
               a. Tax incentives
                 b. Location Efficient Mortgages
                 c. Transfer of Development Rights

Transportation Strategies 
                 a. Federal Transportation Policy
                 b. Reducing Dependency on Motor Vehicles
                 c. Road Design Standards

Housing Strategies 
                 a. Affordable Housing

Environmental Protection Strategies

Farmland and Open Space Preservation

Prevention of Superstore Sprawl and Small Town Decline

Urban and Community Design Innovations

Regional Governance
                 a. Case Example: Portland
                 b. Regional Consolidation and Annexation
                 c. State Governments: Key Leaders in Promoting Regionalism
                 d. Regional Tax Base Sharing